Luer Fittings and Medical Luers
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Our Medical Luer Fittings molded from polycarbonate, radiation stable polycarbonate,
white 尼龙, polypropylene, and PVC materials feature a clean single barb design
Radiation stable polycarbonate Luer Fittings are a violet color, which color-shifts to
a clear light gray following radiation, indicating that the fitting has been sterilized.

PVC Luer Fittings are made from a material which can be solvent bonded to like materials.
  • Eight-point finger grip
• Single Barb design - no mold parting line
• 100% Virgin materials traceable to lot numbers
• Luer taper thread
   USP Class VI Materials:
   Polypropylene Luers
   Radiation Stable Polycarbonate Luers
   Polycarbonate Luers
   PVC Luers (can be bonded)
1/16" Male Luer   
  1/16" Female Luer
3/32" Male Luer   
  3/32" Female Luer
1/8" Male Luer  
  1/8" Female Luer
5/32" Male Luer  
  5/32" Female Luer
3/16" Male Luer  
  3/16" Female Luer
1/4" Male Luer  
  1/4" Female Luer

Luer Plastic Materials:
WN > White 尼龙       NP > 天然 Polypropylene       PC > Polycarbonate 
 RSPC > Radiation Stable Polycarbonate       PVC > Polyvinyl Chloride

Updated 2/15/06