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 Flexible Polyethylene Plastic Tubing
In ID and OD Sizes

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  Antimicrobial tubing, more accurately defined
   as antimicrobially protected tubing, is 
   to inhibit
microbial colonization on the tubing's inner
   surface; thus preventing the formation of biofilm and
   polymer slime that can cause product degradation.
   Available in clear or colored formulations Flexelene™
   CFX version is designed for use with push-on
   compression fittings and, in general, requires
   fewer fittings per installation when compared to
   rigid polyethylene tubing.
Flexelene™ FX
Flexelene™ CFX
Flexelene™ Silver FXAG
Flexelene™ Silver CFXAG
(ID sized)
(OD sized)
(ID sized)
(OD sized)
  Flexelene™ & Flexelene™ Silver
Does not hold dirt and odor   • UV stable with excellent ozone resistance
• Flexible to -40°
F High working temp. (170°F)
• Abrasion and chemical resistant  • Impact resistant at low temperatures
• Does not contain Plasticizers 
• Polyethylene based polymer: a standard class of material used in the water industry
•  Significantly more flexible than standard polyethylene tubing

 Flexelene™ Silver  ‹›   View white paper on antimicrobial protection »  
 • Built in protection against microbial colonization and bacterial growth within the tubing
• Effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria and other microorganisms

Updated 08/09