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Eldon James has recently implemented a program that allows our customers to create specialized custom
fittings without incurring the added expense of new mold
tooling costs. Currently, this program is limited
to our smaller fitting sizes; however, we will
gladly provide a quote on any size requirements 
or configurations that are not listed in this this program.
  Please select a configuration below to view available options and generate Eldon James part numbers.

Natural 尼龙    天然 Kynar®   •  天然 Polypropylene  •  Black 尼龙  •  White 尼龙  •  Black 尼龙  •  HDPE

Custom small fittings - Please request a quote based on the quantity you require

Part numbers displayed in blue are standard parts
part numbers
display in red - Please e-mail or call or for quote

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